Introducing the Turon Wine's Artist Range

Introducing our full Artist Range. These are cool climate wines from the Adelaide Hills.

Each label is as unique as the wine itself. Kellie Em has designed these label artworks. Turon described the characteristics of each wine to Kellie and she produced these amazing visual metaphors for each variety. We absolutely love these labels!


Representing the ‘cross-pollination' of Sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay used to make this white wine blend.


Representing the beautiful characteristics of the Pinot Noir and the beast-like characteristics of Shiraz used to make this Rosé.

EAGLE {Chardonnay}

Fine-boned and elegant, yet precise and powerful - this is not a bird of prey you want to mess with!

RAM {Pinot Noir}

Lean and nimble red wine. Surprisingly powerful, yet refined.

LION {Shiraz}

Shiraz could be described as the king of the red wine jungle. Warm climate Shiraz is world renowned for its big, bold tannins and characteristics. This Lion is snarling, representing the restrained character of this cool climate Shiraz from the Adelaide Hills.

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